Competitive Advantages


Our houses are designed with sustainable living in mind. They can be fitted with solar electricity using deep-cycle batteries, a rainwater harvesting system, gas stoves and more.

Strength & durability

These houses can withstand any weather conditions. Containers are either steel or double layer aluminium to ensure the most durable product.


With its modular design, additions are easy and less expensive than alterations to a traditional brick and mortar house.

Community Upliftment

Through our training program, our staff are empowered with new skills which ensure that we are able to create better products for our clients.


Our houses are designed for use in areas where traditional building would be a logistical challenge. We can arrange delivery to nearly any location.


Our houses do not require major foundations and can therefore be positioned almost anywhere. This allows for a reduction in lead times, labour costs and other expenses.


Our solutions are designed to keep costs as low as possible while still delivering a superior product.


There are hundreds of unused containers ready to be up-cycled at any given moment.

Lead Times

We complete most of the construction work at our manufacturing plant. This means that lead times are less than ever before.

Multiple Uses

These units can be used as private residences, offices, schools, malls, stores, warehouses, emergency shelters, portable factories, ablution facilities, surgeries, labs, entertainment rooms, leisure accommodation and so much more.